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A response to Focus’ article

In Πολιτικά on Οκτώβριος 10, 2012 at 1:13 μμ

First of all my appreciation for the attempt for an open dialogue with this article written in my native language.
(here is the German version of the article )
My apologies I have to reply in English. It is only out of necessity.
(Thanks to Tanja we have a german version of this response)

There is not really much that any reasonable Greek can contradict to this article.
Despite historical war memories, we are in a dialectical exchange for centuries.
We admire Goethe, we are wondering in the abyss of Nietzsche, we learn clasical music studying Bach.

For God’s shake we are the biggest fans of Scorpions!

So despite some bitter words and extravagant protests, we are not angry against German people, we are not even much interested in mrs Merkel directly.
The protest was against the symbol of a european bureaucratic policy which moves forward a different agenda than what is truly presented.
So this article somewhat misses the point of why europeans (and greeks in particular) are actually protesting.
Yes we do need to have a balanced sheet and an efficient state.
No we are not lazy bums (not mentioned on this article), among europeans we work more hours than any, based on Eurostat.
Working Hours Eurostat
Productivity Charts
Yes the local elite pays less taxes, and mrs Merkel to her honour mentioned it in front of our inefficient Prime Minister that it isn’t Europe’s fault the same low income people carry the burden of taxation.
It is though the same elite that cooperated with Siemens and Thyssenkrupp officials in the political scandals of bribery.
Some of these guys are even murdered in order to cover up the international scandal.
Scandals that have increased my country’s debt proportionally, not without Europe’s knowledge.
Yes reforms and technical consultation is necessary (and German technique is welcomed).
Behind the word reforms though hides the sell out of our public infrastructure like:
Public water (, Public energy, ports, airfields…
Infrastructure paid by many greek generations, some even with European funding, is now valued at bottom low stock market prices to be passed to private multinational companies like Suez.
Companies with a proven record of hazardous management for public health.
And now we move on to the main issue. The last two years there has been national legislation of more than 230 BILLION euros aid towards banks.
  • Why would tax payers money (Greek’s at first, German’s later on) bailout private institutions and name this as european solidarity?
  • Why would private banks use this bailout money to buy public institutions using public funding? Are we europeans funding private growth without even being stock holders?
  • Why does ECB buy Greek bonds in a devalued price of 20% of the original (80% gain), and demand full interest and full repay? Is this european solidarity or market exploitation?
  • Why does our National Bank of Greece, a PRIVATE Organization, manage public funds of public institutions like Hospitals, Universities and Pension funds, and use our public treasure to buy foreign capital’s greek bonds at full price, and selling it back devalued more than 80%?

The Banking system is driving us to bankruptcy and we (all europeans) are funding it!

I could go on with the Dublin II treaty which has transformed Greece into Europe’s ghetto of refugees but I wouldn’t want to tire you more with the injustice in all levels.
So our protesting is not as superficial as sometimes presented, or even actually demonstrated by some people in an unaesthetic way.
Germans are not the enemy and not our enemy.
Oligarchs and the banks are, domestic and foreign.
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